XRF Sales and Consulting was established by Laura Oelofse to meet the business need for domain specific expertise in marketing and selling ancilliary and specialty products into the Materials Analysis market place.

XRFSCO brings prospective customers and solution providers together to meet their mutual objectives: customers looking for a solution and vendors seeking customers.

XRFSCO achieves this by marketing analytical products as solutions for identified customer needs and introducing customers to solutions providers thereby converting customer interest into sales.

We do this in a seamless manner by leveraging our world wide network of sales professionals and organizations that are intimately familiar with the targeted markets and can sell, support and grow a vendors presence in these market places.

At the same time promote and solicit interest in the vendors products via social media, scientific presentations and marketing collateral for advertising and promotional purposes.

The organization brings more than 35 years of experience in the material analysis market space, first as a customer and then as a vendor, this allows for a very knowledgeable and empathetic relationship between customer and vendor.

Located in Austin, TX, USA

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