What is a XRF Portable Gun?

Handheld analyzers are the latest invention, highly portable and lightweight, that can provide results in seconds. For comparison, a regular lab will analyze samples for days or even weeks.

Every Elvatech portable XRF gun is developed and advanced for:

  • Ease of use in all applications, from art to mining
  • High precision in analyzing materials from soil to precious metals
  • Speed of analysis for clear on-site results
  • Non-destructive analysis

A portable analyzer from Elvatech can be used to control the quality of alloys, analyzing jewelry to see if it`s authentic, screening hazardous materials, sorting scrap metals, etc. You can research a wide range of materials on-site with a lightweight, technologically advanced mini-lab in your hand. Elvatech`s analyzers provide results in a couple of seconds, being the fastest in the world.

Handheld XRF Industries and Applications

A handheld XRF spectrometer is helpful in the following commercial and other applications:

  • Identification of alloys. Positive Material Identification is easy with Elvatech hand-held analyzers. The result of such an analysis must be precise to ensure the safety and quality of the material. Non-destructive analysis using the X-ray fluorescence approach is the best for any metal element.
  • Consumer safety. Many regulations like the EU`s Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) forced many manufacturers to look for faster, cheaper, and more precise ways of material research. A testing gun from Elvatech will analyze a finished item or its component in seconds, saving time and effort and ensuring consumer safety.
  • Archaeometry. Due to the completely non-destructive way of analysis and portability, a handheld XRF analyzer will help research and date ancient relics and old works of art.
  • Oil and fuel. An analysis of oils, fuels, and similar substances, you can detect any hazardous elements or mannitol oil blending.
  • Agriculture and environment. A small XRF gun can analyze soil and detect any signs of contamination, helping to raise awareness of the damage we bring to the planet and choosing proper sites for agriculture.

In every aforementioned application, you need a handheld XRF analyzer that is fast, precise, and reasonably priced. You can find all these specifications and more in Elvatech`s XRF guns.


Field Exploration with the GEO


Field Exploration


Prospector 2 LE


ProSpector 2 is our time-tested handheld XRF analyzer.  Due to the advanced electronics and state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms, ProSpector 2 provides ultimate quality of measurement within a couple of seconds. It is an intuitive and user-friendly instrument for highly accurate elemental analysis in a variety of applications.


Prospector 3 – Lightest, fastest HHXRF

ProSpector 3 is the next-generation handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer. It offers a new level of analysis accuracy, speed, and detection limits. ProSpector 3 is the smallest and lightest XRF gun on the market with an intuitive and user-friendly software interface. Unique processing algorithms allow analyzing in various fields of application: PMI, Alloys, Precious metals, Archeometry, Petrochemical, Soils, Plastics, Automotive catalysts etc.


Another series by Elvatech, ElvaX offers the following technological advances:

  • Analysis of unknown samples without manual calibration
  • The technology minimizes errors while investigating inhomogeneous samples
  • A possibility to transform into a benchtop lab with a special stand and ElvaXTM PC software
  • GPS connection via Bluetooth is available
  • A watertight case and other details to increase the convenience of operation are included

The greatest thing about ElvaX Geo is that it usually doesn`t require calibration before every analysis.


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