Precious Metal Analysis

Gold Standard of Accuracy

The Elva X Jewelry Lab uses a 40kV W anode tube and a  Si-PIN or SDD detector.

The SDD detector handles high count rates which improves the counting statistics and thereby the precision of the analysis.

Value identification

The instrument has an integrated camera and different spot size collimation for the focused analysis of small samples or sample features. The jewelry Lab is equipped with up to 6 different spot size collimators and is easily changed on screen .

The x-ray spot size and location is shown directly on the camera view screen

Pinpoint Accuracy

Using advanced Fundamental Parameter algorithms the Jewelry Lab is able to account for all of the elements present in the sample. This accurately assesses the precious metal content.

The photographic record of the exact analysis spot provides proof of analysis and is part of the results file

Completing the picture

The proof is always in the numbers they say.

Extensive validation of samples analyzed by fire assay and then by the Jewelry Lab rendered excellent correlation for Actual vs Measured concentration

Download this detailed Application Note showing the results of the study.

Jewelry-Lab Precious_metals_application_notes.


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ElvaX Jewelry Lab

Calibration Standards

Calibration Standards for Plating Thickness

Prospector 3

Prospector 3 in Stand

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