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The ElvaX Jewelry Lab

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Designed for high-accuracy analysis of precious metals and jewelry

ElvaX Jewelry Lab is aimed at  high-accuracy analysis of jewelry and precious metals. Measurement process only takes several seconds. The result is shown in both weight percent and karats. ElvaX Jewelry Lab is also capable of detecting coatings and nonstandard alloys. This instrument can be operated either using the embedded computer with the high-resolution touchscreen display, or using a PC with ElvaX™ software installed. The integrated CCD camera makes it possible to target the required spot of the sample undergoing analysis. Automatic collimator changer allows you to select the required measurement spot diameter. ElvaX Jewelry Lab has integrated high accuracy scales and an integrated printer, which allows the user to print out analytical certificates containing chemical composition, weight and even price. An integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery allows the analysis in the field. ElvaX Jewelry Lab is a perfect benchtop gold and silver testing machine which allows you to define gold and silver purity and measure gold assay.

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High speed and accuracy
Intuitive interface
Autonomous operation as well as connected to a PC
Coatings detection
Compact, doesn’t take much space on a desk or a counter
Ergonomic design with a LED lighting looks very nice in a jewelry shop
Leaded glass to keep analyzed items always in sight
Customer display – sample’s weight and chemical composition are seen by customer during


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